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About Us

EBC Group

Established in 1942, the EBC Group is the intellectual giant in legal publishing, with offices in several Indian cities and abroad. It was in the 1940s when two brothers, the Late Shri C.L. Malik and his younger brother, the Late Shri P.L. Malik, decided to settle in Lucknow and embark upon a career in law bookselling and publishing. Together they laid the foundations of what today has grown into a group of companies under the banner of EBC. EBC has traditionally published a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests. Today its products include pioneering works both in the print and electronic medium. The EBC Group has brought to you Supreme Court Cases (SCC), SC Yearly Digest and Complete Digest, SCC Online, EBC Webstore, EBC Student Books and Practitioner Commentaries, EBC Reader, SCC Online Blog, EBC Explorer and the Practical Lawyer magazine.

Our Products and Platforms

SCC: The law report Supreme Court Cases™, started in 1969 and now runs into over 400 volumes. It is the leading law report of India with extensive circulation. It is cited 67%* of the times by the Supreme Court of India and other courts in India and all standard works of the law. Other Apex Courts such as the House of Lords/ South Africa Constitutional Court/ VSSC/ Pak SC/ Bay SC/ Malays… also cite it. The standards of legal reporting set by it, have earned the respect and admiration of the entire legal community. *Source: Legalex Study

SCC Complete Digest: EBC has done pioneering work by creating for the first time a complete index/digest of the case-law of the Indian Supreme Court. The Complete Digest is a 45 volume publication, growing each year. The work comprehensively covers the digest of judgments delivered by the Supreme Court since its inception in 1950 till date.

SCC Online: Using the latest technology, EBC has pioneered legal databases for making law easily accessible in the electronic medium. This has appeared in a revolutionary form, in the electronic medium, in SCC Online® Web Edition and SCC Online CD Rom Edition. SCC Online® Web Edition is a comprehensive resource for all your legal research needs. It has continuously updated databases extending back to 1754 and provides extensive coverage of Indian and International law reports. The platform has the Indian (Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals, and others) and overseas (UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others) primary and secondary legal sources covered. A study by the Indian Law Institute puts SCC Online as the most preferred database of usage by professionals.

EBC Webstore: EBC Webstore is India’s largest online store for legal products, offering real-time information on over 3 lakh plus titles of law books and other related materials in print, electronic and web format. Starting its operation in the year 2005, the EBC Webstore is dedicated to providing reliable, secure, powerful and simple solutions to all your legal requirements. The EBC Webstore offers a wide range of Legal Commentaries, Student Texts, Bare Acts, Digests, Books, Journals, eBooks, eProducts as well as publications in fields allied to law.

EBC Reader: EBC Reader is an app that allows you to read eBooks on a multitude of formats — mobile phones (IOS and Android), Tablets (IOS and Android) and on your laptop and desktop. It does so in a simple easy to use and immersive format. EBC Reader allows you to dynamically browse your book and interact with your text, highlighting, copying and searching. You can easily buy and download titles and read them on the go. It is a hassle-free means of having your entire legal library with you all the time. Reading on your Reader is just like reading from the book, only it gets better, as it provides an immersive touch reading experience, that just makes you forget that you are reading on an iPad or even your iPhone. The references in the books connect seamlessly to SCC Online where access to primary material is required.

EBC Learning: At EBC Learning.com we are focused on helping you excel in law school and equip you with practice-ready skills for professional success. EBC Learning offers a library of on-demand Self-Paced Courses and Instructor-Led Courses.

The library of Self-Paced Courses is available through individual and institutional subscriptions. Featured as a legal video library, with one subscription you can take any number of courses. Selecting the courses that you want, you can build your own path to success or take one of our curated Learning Paths. Courses on EBC Learning are classified as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginner courses are suitable for anyone to take, and they do not require any pre-existing knowledge of the law. This enables learners to begin learning as beginners and then move on to the more advanced courses that require some pre-existing knowledge of the law.

The second kind of courses that EBC Learning offers are Instructor-Led Courses. These courses further collegial learning. We follow the flipped classroom methodology, where students learn through live training classes conducted via video conferencing. As part of some Instructor-Led Courses, students also have unlimited access to the course library for the duration of the course. An Instructor-Led Course operates in cohorts, they have a fixed start and end date, and you need to register separately for Instructor-Led Courses.

Practical Lawyer: A house journal, The Practical Lawyer, provides the latest information about the developments in the legal world along with a monthly digest of Supreme Court case-law.

SCC Online Blog: SCC Online Blog provides current information and analysis on various legal subjects. Posts from the blog connect seamlessly to SCC Online to access primary materials when required. It is now viewed over 1,25,000 times every month.

Current Central Legislation & Lucknow Law Times: Additionally, EBC publishes law journals for statutory law. The Current Central Legislation contains central statutory law, while Lucknow Law Times in addition to the Central statutory law also includes the statutory law of the State of Uttar Pradesh.