Company Law Institute’s Law Reports and publications now part of the EBC Group

It will include Income Tax Reports (ITR), Company Cases (Comp Cas), Goods and Service Tax Reports (GSTR), Income Tax Reports (Trib), VAT and Service Tax Cases (VST), Sales Tax Cases (STC), and others.

EBC Group is happy and proud to welcome the Company Law Institute (CLI) and its Law Reports into the EBC family. EBC hopes to serve the nation, the profession, and our esteemed customers, with this wider choice and with the same dedication and alacrity as before.

About Eastern Book Company

Established in 1942, the EBC Group is the intellectual giant in legal publishing. It was in the 1940s when two brothers, Lt. Shri C.L. Malik and his younger brother, Lt. Shri P.L. Malik, decided to settle in Lucknow and embark upon a career in law book-selling and publishing. Together they laid the foundations of what today has grown into a group of companies under the banner of EBC.

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About Company Law Institute

The Company Law Institute of India Private Limited (CLI) was established in Chennai (then called Madras) by Mr. A.N. Aiyar in 1931. CLI is well-known for its quality content and helps with access to Case Reports/Statutes/Articles consolidated since 1931. Mr. Aiyar believed in placing quality above everything else. He laid down methodical standards of summarizing, paraphrasing, indexing, footnoting, and cross-referencing, which are being followed even today.

Company Law Institute of India’s Law Reports include:

  • Income Tax Reports (ITR) – A weekly journal of reports of cases on direct taxes and related statutory notifications and Acts, since 1933;
  • Company Cases (CC) – A weekly journal for Corporate Law.
  • Goods and Services Tax Reports (GSTR) – A weekly journal of case reports on Customs, Excise Duty and Service Tax Cases;
  • Income Tax Reports (TRIB) – A weekly journal containing Income Tax Appellate Tribunal orders since 2010;
  • VAT and Service Tax Cases (VST) – A weekly journal for law on value-added tax, service tax, and sales tax with case laws and statutes. Reporting is now merged with GSTR after the advent of the GST regime.
  • Sales Tax Cases – Launched in 1950, it was the first national journal on the law of sales tax and is the only journal of its class to this day. Reporting first merged with VST Cases and now with GSTR after the advent of the GST regime.