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The Constitution of India (Coat Pocket Edition) By Gopal Sankaranarayanan, 16th Edition

“ …I believe that every Indian, whether he be a lawyer, judge or not, should have a copy of this little book…”

The Constitution of India (Coat Pocket Edition) By Gopal Sankaranarayanan is not only the supreme law of the land but a monumental document that defines the political and legal framework of the country. The Coat Pocket edition of the Constitution of India by EBC is a compact, easy-to-carry version of the Constitution. As its name suggests, it is designed to fit conveniently in a coat pocket, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. Despite its small size, it includes the full updated text of the Constitution of India, ensuring no detail is omitted.

Amid the verbal exchange and debate over the threat and safeguarding the ‘Samvidhan‘ between political rivals during the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, a coat pocket edition of the Constitution of India in black-red cover published by Eastern Book Company (EBC) not only stole the limelight in rallies but also tempted people into buying its copies.

“I believe that every Indian, whether he be a lawyer, judge or not, should have a copy of this little book, small in size but huge in its human dimensions. I believe that this elegant book should be in the pockets of every Indian, enabling him to derive inspiration from the greatness of the ideas contained in the Constitution of India, which we, the people of India, have given unto ourselves.”

– Foreword by K.K. Venugopal (Former Attorney of General of India)

The coat pocket edition, printed on Bible paper over 624 pages contains the making of the Indian Constitution by professor Ranbir Singh, former vice-chancellor of National Law University (NLU), Delhi.

PM Narendra Modi gave one copy of the coat pocket edition to Ramnath Kovind when he was appointed President of India.

Whenever senior judges from the Supreme Court travel abroad in an official capacity they carry the coat pocket edition as a gift for their counterpart. It’s available in many libraries across the world as well.

The current 16th edition is Amended up to Constitution (106th Amendment) Act, 2023 as well as the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order, 2019, Declaration under Article 370(3) of the Constitution, the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 (Act 34 of 2019). Some of the important landmark decisions have also been given at relevant places.

Why it’s so desirable?

Portability: Legal professionals often need to refer to the Constitution during court sessions, meetings, or while travelling. This edition ensures that the text is always within reach.

Comprehensive Text: The Coat Pocket Edition of the Constitution of India, includes all articles, schedules, and amendments up to the most recent updates.

Perfect Gifting Item for any Lawyer: This beautiful, and aesthetically mesmerising book has proven to be a perfect gift to be given to Lawyers, Law-Students, Judges and who’s who of the legal fraternity. Moreover, customised copies of this book have been given in law colleges in facilitation ceremonies, convocations etc.

High-quality Printing: Despite being a ‘little-book’ the edition does not compromise on print quality. The text is clear and legible, printed on Bible paper that withstands regular use and long shelf life.

Comparative Chart: The book has comparative charts of the Constitution of India and the United States with complete historical footnotes & case notes.

Landmark decisions included: Major important landmark decisions have been given at relevant places.

The Constitution of India (Coat Pocket Edition) 16th Edition priced at Rs. 895/- is an asset for not just Legal Professionals, Students, and Researchers but also Academicians, Civil Servants, Policymakers and the general public. Whether a seasoned legal professional or a curious citizen, the Coat Pocket Constitution of India by Eastern Book Company has ensured that the Constitution of India is always at hand.