A must-have book for every lawyer! SCYD 2023

Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2023 in 2 (volumes)

SCYD 2023 is now in 2 large volumes printed on bible paper with exhaustive case-law coverage of about 25 volumes of SCCTM including 10 Volumes of SCCTM 2023 and Recently Released Supplement Volumes.

Today, on almost every law point, there is a Supreme Court Judgment. It, therefore, is to your advantage to cite and refer to the strongest precedent available. This reflects well in your judgment and also reduces the pendency of cases in the judicial system – something for which your contribution will be lauded. 

Key Features:

  • Cross-citations of AIR, ITR, Company Cases, ELT, Cri LJ, AIC, LLN, FLR, SLR, etc.
  • An additional feature of Notable Excerpts, List of Articles, and List of Acts of Parliament.
  • Superior printing on bible paper and beautiful get-up.


  • No other Yearly Digest can match the comprehensive case-law coverage of SCYD 2023.
  • An analytical, systematic and comprehensive Yearly Digest with multiple cross-references, comparative citation tables and extensive cross citations of all important journals.
  • Table of Overruled, Reserved, Followed, etc. Cases.
  • Bench strength and Coram details help assess the relative strength of the rulings.
  • SCYD is the only answer to quick, effortless and accurate search for precedents.

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